With one of us coming from the world of filmmaking and the other starting out as a designer, we discoverd a passion that exceeds the former: Horror. Be it suspenseful or gory, exploitation or classic storytelling; if it's scary, we're there. This is why we've decided to turn passion into profession; with Red Asylum, our goal is to utterly terrify every single person on this earth and beyond!

We provide all kinds of products for a main audience (t-shirts, jewelry and even soap!), as well as specific props for (halloween) parties and movies. If you need something specific that's not on our website, contact us: we'll probably be able to find it for you!

Since creativity is sacred, Red Asylum also works with a lot of independent partners; artists doing their own thing from home who enjoy all the freedom in the world while we bring their products to the public's attention. This way we're assured to always have unique and hand-made items, beside our standard collection. If you are an artists who could use a new & exciting platform, don't hesitate to contact us for more information.

Creativity & weirdness, passion & perversion: those are the words we live by!

Born in Chicago, raised in the Netherlands and educated in Belgium, Roxy doesn’t shy away from a trip or two. While she still sometimes works the lighting department for movies & shorts, she feels more at home in the darkness: hiding in the shadows. Leave a light on, or Roxy might come out from onder your bed to light it for you….

Olivia is a real Tropézienne: born and raised in France, but a Dutchie for quite some time now. She's full of creativity and - having been educated as a psychiatric nurse - doesn't shy away from a bit of craziness herself. Once you'll have a taste of the wonderful things this luscious former model creates, you'll come back begging for more.

Mascot Meeko "Mijn werk is zeer geheim! Zelfs ik weet niet wat ik hier aan het doen ben!"