Dragon's Blood Pendant

Fantasy bottle to wear as a necklace, key ring or just for decoration.

A Dragon is a powerful mythical creature. Which is particularly significant occurred in the Middle Ages in stories and images. A Dragon is a very large, reptilian beast. The Western Dragon is seen as an evil, aggressive creature. These properties make them suitable guardians of treasure or princesses. Defeating a Dragon was a huge achievement and won the hero lots of respect. Saint George, King Arthur and Lancelot are famous dragon slayers.

In the Harry Potter books, written by J.K. Rowling, dragons often play a role. In the book is mentioned among other things that the wands for magicians need a little magical help, therefore the core of wands contains a material of a magical creature. Three types of cores are sold in the Wand Shop; Fenix Feather, Unicorn Hair and Dragon's Blood. The wand of Harry's best friend Hermione Granger contains Dragon's Blood. Dragon's Blood seems to do more: Aberforth Dumbledore invented twelve applications.

The dimensions of the bottle "Dragon's Blood" are: 4.5 cm high and 2.1 cm wide. I recommend to save this product at room temperature in a dry environment with low humidity. The rings and charms can rust/oxidize by excess moisture. 

This bottle is a set with the bottle of "Dragon's scale". The appearance and labels are designed to work together.

* Disclaimer * "Dragon's blood" is a fantasy product. Real Dragons exist, unfortunately not, but fantasizing about it is fun. I try to get close to in any case as much as possible. The content is intended for decoration, not for consumption. This product is not suitable for children under 3 years in connection with swallowing small parts.

By Studio Vlindertje

• Own idea and concept
• Completely handmade and therefore unique
• Heavy duty, durable water-resistant labels for indoor and outdoor use
• Own label designs
• Includes free necklace or keychain
• Specially treated water resistant cork 
• Cork is glued on the bottle. Bottles can be hang or worn as a necklace
• Added Preservatives for long lasting

10,65 €