The second edition of the Romedia New Year's Reception is coming up!

Happy New Year everyone!

Just like some of you, we've also made some New Year's resolutions. And we've already started working on them!

Last weekend, we've worked with Heads Up Productions to participate at the 48 Hour Film Project.

Our  new office is ready! 

We had a fantastic Weekend of Hell again!

We played some shocking games, created some gruesome wounds, hosted some awesome movies and - of course - ran our shop. 

Haven't had enough of Halloween yet? 
You're in luck!

The 4th and 5th of November we will be present at Weekend of Hell, Europe's hottest horror festival!
There will be loads of horror shops, a cinema and special guests...

Halloween at Café De Speeltuin was amazing!

There were great drinks, great food and an awesome performance by Circus Rens & The Meatballs.
Make-up artists Anke Vissers and Olivia Flavier were the hightlight of the evening though, with some kickass artwork!

It's almost Halloween!
That means it's party time once again! 

If you missed BUT Film Festival 2017, you'd better go & cry in a corner... Well, at least untill next year!

Do not miss it: BUT Film Festival in Breda! 

We will demonstrate our make-up skills on Saturday and Sunday, September 2nd and 3d. 
Get your own gruesome wounds at the fair. 

More info about the Festival: