It's almost Halloween!
That means it's party time once again! 

If you missed BUT Film Festival 2017, you'd better go & cry in a corner... Well, at least untill next year!

Do not miss it: BUT Film Festival in Breda! 

We will demonstrate our make-up skills on Saturday and Sunday, September 2nd and 3d. 
Get your own gruesome wounds at the fair. 

More info about the Festival:

BUT Film Festival is coming up! 

The theme this year will be "wrong-fu"; a celebration of very awkward and cultish kung-fu movies.
And what's the first thing you think about when hearing 'old, awkward kung-fu films'? Horrible dubbing!

Red Asylum has collaborated with Giel Rozilio and Julius Koetsier on upcoming horror short 'De Gever'. 

As some of you might know, we at Red Asylum celibrated our 1st birthday a while ago. Since our theme was, naturally, the Asylum, we decided to do a little test. We printed out the pictures from the famous Rorsach test, and gave our guest the chance to fill in what they saw in the ink blots.

Red Asylum collaborates with Theatre group Storm for an amazing performance inside Reptile Zoo 'De Aarde' in Breda. 
The performance is bloody, funny and always politically incorrect; so perfect for Red Asylum! 

The celebration of our first year as a business, Bredasylum, was a great success and will become an annual event, with a new theme every year. 

One more week to our main event: our one-year anniversary Bredasylum! 

We'll have an INSANE party, with schocking games, live music, special effects and, ofcourse, our own horror shop!
So if you're a fan of all things scary, don't miss this craziness! 

Weekend of Hell was a great success! We had a wonderful time and met so many inspiring people. 
Can't wait untill next time!
Special thanks to BUT Film Festival for making this possible